TX – Act Now: Mandatory Spay Neuter Proposal Impacts More Than Dallas Residents

2018-06-25 | , American Kennel Club

As previously reported, this Wednesday, June 27, the Dallas City Council is scheduled to consider a proposal that could impact dogs owned by Dallas residents as well as those temporarily in the city.  Currently, with the exceptions of competition animals and those subject to an intact animal permit, if an owner wants to redeem their animal from the animal shelter, it must be spayed or neutered as a condition of release.  The proposed ordinance would remove these exceptions, even for a competition or breeding animal’s first at-large offense.

For example, the recent, well-publicized story of a professional handler’s van being stolen while en route to a show with dogs inside horrified fanciers across the country.  Thankfully, the van and dogs were recovered, and taken to a local humane society to be processed and reunited with the handler.  However, if laws like what Dallas is considering had been in effect there, all of those dogs would have been spayed or neutered before being released, ending their breeding and competition careers.  

The American Kennel Club (AKC) is deeply concerned with the severity of Dallas’ proposed “one-strike” penalty for breeding or competing dogs not habitually found at-large.   We are respectfully but strongly urging the City Council to maintain the exemptions that appear in current law.  

We strongly encourage all Dallas residents, clubs that conduct events in Dallas, and clubs from any state or region that have members who attend AKC-sanctioned events in Dallas, to take action now by contacting the members of the City Council and requesting those protections be preserved. 


  • I am a responsible breeder/owner of purebred dogs and I am concerned with the proposed elimination of the exceptions from shelter sterilization requirements that currently apply to competition animals and dogs subject to an intact animal permit. 
  • In general, responsible breeders and owners, many of whom are also purebred dog fanciers and enthusiasts who compete with their dogs in AKC-sanctioned events like dog shows and field and agility trials, do not contribute to animal control issues in their communities. 
  • When the city considered implementing mandatory spay/neuter, the City Council believed it important to protect the rights of these responsible owners by providing exceptions for competition animals and residents who acquired an intact animal permit.
  • While I appreciate the goal of the City’s shelter to reduce euthanasia of adoptable dogs, I do not agree that it should be done by diminishing the property rights or value I have in my animals, especially if there is no evidence of repetitive at-large violations. 
  • For example, recently a professional dog handler’s van with dogs inside was stolen while traveling to a show.  Thankfully, the van and dogs were recovered, and taken to a local humane society to be processed and reunited with the handler.  However, if laws like what Dallas is considering had been in effect there, all of those dogs would have been spayed or neutered before being released, ending their breeding and competition careers, through no fault of their owners or caretakers.  
  • Furthermore, maintaining these exceptions from the shelter sterilization requirements will not impact or hamper the City from achieving its goal.  
  • For these reasons, I respectfully urge you and members of the City Council to amend the proposal to preserve the protections for competition animals and dogs subject to an existing intact animal permit. 


June 27, 2018
City of Dallas
1500 Marilla Street
Council Chambers, City Hall
Dallas, Texas 75201


M​​​ayor Mike Rawlings
Phone: 214.670.3301 
Email: Email here.

Mayor Pro Tem Dwaine Caraway - Council Member, District 4
Phone: 214-670-0781
Email: District4@DallasCityHall.com

Deputy Mayor Pro Tem Adam Medrano - Council Member, District 2​​
Phone: 214-670-4048 
Email: adam.medrano@dallascityhall.com

Council Member Scott ​​​​Griggs, District 1 
Phone: (214)-670-0776 
Email: scott.griggs@dallascityhall.com

Council Member Casey​ Thomas, II, District 3 
Phone: 214-670-0777 
Email: district3@dallascityhall.com  

Council Member Ric​key D. ​Callahan, District 5
Phone:  214-670-4052 
Email: rick.callahan@dallascityhall.com

Council Member Omar Narvaez, District 6​​​
Phone: 214-670-6931 
Email: district6@dallascityhall.com

Council Member Kevin Felder, District 7
Phone: 214-670-4689 
Email: district7@dallascityhall.com

Council Member Tennell​​​ Atkins, District 8
Phone: 214-670-4066 
Email: district8@dallascityhall.com

Council Member Mark Clayton, District 9 
Phone: 214-670-4069 
Email: district9@dallascityhall.com

Council Member B. Adam McGough, District 10 
Phone: 214-670-4068 
Email: adam.mcgough@dallascityhall.com

Council Member Lee Kleinman, District 11
Phone: 214-670-7817 
Email: district11@dallascityhall.com

Council Member Sandy​ Greyson, District 12 
Phone: 214-670-4067 
Email: sandy.greyson@dallascityhall.com

Council Member Jennifer Staubach Gates, District 13
Phone: 214-670-3816
Email: jennifer.gates@dallascityhall.com

Council Member Philip T. Kingston, District 14 
Phone: 214-670-5415 
Email: Philip.Kingston@dallascityhall.com

AKC Government Relations (AKC GR) will provide additional updates as they become available.  For additional information, please contact AKC GR at 919-816-3720 or doglaw@akc.org.


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