AKC GR Releases New Key Issue Page, Resources on COVID-19 Liability

2020-06-26 | AKC Government Relations Department

AKC understands that many clubs are worried about the legal liability associated with a person contracting COVID-19 at a club event. Legal liability with respect to COVID-19 transmissions represents uncharted legal territory.

For organizations and businesses that are already under financial strain, just the cost of defending against a lawsuit could be devastating.

The AKC GR team is monitoring efforts at the federal and state level to establish liability protections for businesses and individuals. Most measures focus on a temporary and targeted release from liability for the period surrounding the pandemic in cases where reasonable precautions are taken to avoid disease transmission.

AKC GR is also seeking to ensure that such measures would protect AKC event-giving clubs as they seek to get back on their feet. In addition to reaching out to lawmakers with these concerns, we’ve also reached out to other not-for profit organizations. We’ve found they share similar concerns and have an interest in working together to advocate for such protections.

As part of our ongoing effort to provide information to our clubs related to COVID-19, AKC Government Relations continues to provide updated tools and resources on our Legislative Action Center

The newest resource is a specialized key Issue page covering COVID-19 civil liability legislation.  Specifically, it provides information on legislative approaches to providing targeted liability protection for individuals, events and businesses regarding possible transmission of COVID-19 due to an event, business or public gathering. This page provides information and resources relating to efforts in state legislatures to address the issue of protecting individuals and businesses from liability when holding events and conducting business during the ongoing pandemic. 

As with other key issues page, this page will continue to be updated as new information becomes available. Current resources include a nationwide overview of current COVID-19 liability protection legislation, updated daily; a sample letter for clubs to personalize when contacting lawmakers about this issue, information on AKC efforts on the issue and more.

This key issue page is the latest in a series of tools and resources AKC Government Relations is providing on COVID-19.  Be sure to check out our full COVID-19 Resources page in the Legislative Action Center at www.akcgr.org/covid19 for the latest legislative and regulatory news and information on this topic.  

Also check out the page COVID-19 Coronavirus: Updates from the American Kennel Club for more resources for clubs and breeders. 

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