New Resources on Benefits of Dogs Shows Provide A Way to Connect with Your Lawmakers

2020-12-23 | AKC Government Relations Department

The AKC National Championship is a pinnacle in the sport of dogs and a celebration of the preservation and future of the remarkable variety of dog breeds. This year’s show was particularly special because it highlighted the special dedication of breeders and breed enthusiasts to showcase their dogs and the breeds even under challenging circumstances.    

Throughout the pandemic, as many AKC clubs work with local officials to obtain permission to hold events, it has become increasingly evident that many lawmakers do understand of what a dog show is and why they matter for dogs, breeders, and the community. 

AKC Government Relations has updated two documents in the Legislative Action Center to help exhibitors and hobbyists explain the purpose and value of conformation shows:

  • Conformation Shows: More than Just a Pretty Face  is an article that outlines the basics of dog shows and their history.  It further explains the essential purpose they serve in evaluating breeding stock and the emphasis that is placed on proper breeding and health. 
  • It Pays to Support AKC Dog Shows is a brief handout that highlights the tangible benefits of supporting dog shows and other canine competitions and events.  It helps communicate to lawmakers and officials that beyond celebrating dogs, shows have an important economic benefit on the community at large.  This information can be used in conjunction with the Economic Benefits of Dog Shows handout to help lawmakers see at a glance the many beneficial reasons to support local dog events.

The American Kennel Club encourages clubs and dog owners to use these resources to reach out to local officials about local shows, and wherever possible,  to do some before asking for their specific assistance. These materials provide an opportunity to introduce yourself and your club to local officials and lawmakers as a resource on canine matters.  Public officials who hear from constituents, have a relationship with breeders and clubs,  and understand the value of dog shows in their community will be far better able and willing to assist clubs with their shows and other policy issues.  

View recent articles from AKC GR more information on communicating with lawmakers about events during the pandemic, and on introducing your club to lawmakers

Visit the AKC Legislative Action Center at for a wide range of resources to help you communicate with lawmakers – and be sure to check back often for the newest materials and information. 





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